Bed wetting help

It is normal for children to wet their bed at night. More boys wet the beds then girls. If your child is still wetting the bed by age six, you may want to consider getting bed wetting help from your child’s doctor. Especially if its causing problems for your child. One thing to remember is that 15 percent of children who wet the bed each year will stop wetting the bed without any treatment. Remember don’t punish your child if they are wetting the bed. It is a medical condition that they can’t control. It will help if your understanding and patient.

Your child may feel embarrassed and all alone. Maybe they have even stopped participating in things like overnight sleepovers. If that is the case, take the time to talk to your child and let them know you understand. Let your child know that bed wetting help is available. Explain that some children go through a bed wetting phase and eventually they will outgrow the bed wetting stage. If you know a family member that went through the same thing as a child, you may want to ask them to speak to your child about their experience. Let them explain how they benefited from bed wetting help from their doctor. This conversation should help your child feel more confident.

Some suggestions for bed wetting help from your child’s doctor may include limiting your child’s liquid intake after dinner. If your child must have a drink after dinner, limit it to small quantities. Since you’ll be limiting the amount of liquid intake at night, make sure you offer enough liquids during the day. Another suggestion might be to take your child to the bathroom before bed. Your child‘s doctor will discuss more options with you, but remember patience and persistence will pay off.

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