Arthritis help

Arthritis is a degenerative illness that affects approximately 40 million Americans. Arthritis does not discriminate against age, sex, or race. However, the majority of arthritis sufferers are over the age of 30. The degree of arthritis pain varies from person-to-person. Some may only experience mild pain, whereas others are unable to rise from bed in the mornings. Fortunately, there is an abundance of arthritis help available. This help or information contributes to an arthritis sufferer leading an active life. Before a person can receive arthritis help, they should consult their physician, who will confirm whether arthritis is the cause of chronic pain.

Arthritis help available to individuals who endure mild pain may consist of over-the-counter pain medications. Ibuprofen is excellent for relieving inflammation and the burning sensation that is common of arthritis. Moreover, physicians may also prescribe pain medication or muscle relaxers. Additional tips for mild arthritis pain include adopting a regular workout schedule. Twenty or thirty minute workouts, three times a week are effective with relieving pain. Arthritis sufferers should also devote a full eight hours to sleep each night. Joint and muscle pain is more common in individuals who are not getting the proper rest.

In most cases, cold weather tends to aggravate arthritis. Many resources dedicated to arthritis help encourage sufferers to wear layered clothes during the winter months. In addition, keeping a moderate temperature in the home will help relieve stiff joints. Individuals who experience extreme stiffness or inflammation may consider enjoying a warm or hot bath. Heating pads are also effective with relieving symptoms. Lastly, those who suffer from arthritis should educate themselves on this condition. The internet is a breeding ground of information. Thus, individuals who suffer from arthritis may be able to locate different relaxation techniques, exercises, and foods that are proven to effectively relieve pain.

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